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This section contains numerous educational cases on structural and congenital heart disease interventions. Select from one of the following three options to get started!


Tough Calls

Interventional Cardiologists are forced to make tough calls during procedures every day. No one is born with the knowledge or skills to make these decisions. Often, experience is a substantial advantage and contributes to successful decision making. We have selected some cases where there are many potential approaches or solutions. We asked experienced, world class interventional cardiologists to provide an opinion as to how they would approach each of these lesions. For each lesion we will provide some relevant clinical history and some key images.


Imagine how you would work through each case, what equipment would you select and what would you do first? After having a go at it, see what our panel would do, in the same situation. This exercise highlights the many possible approaches to a difficult problem. By seeing what others would do after thinking it through yourself you will gain an understanding of the spectrum of approaches to a problem. 

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Case Library

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Case Trivia

Click on a case for a challenging game of cardiology related trivia!