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The Toronto Course

on Complex Congenital & Structural Heart Disease Intervention


2017 Lectures

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April 21, 2017

April 22, 2017

Session 4


PFO - RESPECT long term data and perspectives on an FDA approval

John Carroll

3 lessons from cases I will never forget

Reda Ibrahim

Flash Debates 

Click the debaters name to view their debate segment.

PFO closure in cryptogenic stroke in 2016

Have we let the cat out of the bag? I would close my 21 yr. old daughter’s PFO in a second vs. Keep that thing away from her!

Zahid Amin vs. John Carroll

Flash Debates (cont'd)

Click the debaters name to view their debate segment.

LAA closure in patients with bleeding problems on warfarin

The evidence is clear vs. let’s go slow, re-challenge with NOAC and see?

Reda Ibrahim vs. Simran Singh

TAVI in low risk patients in a non-inferiority model

Gotta be! vs. can the system afford it?

James Velianou vs. Geoff Puley

TAVI- Current State of affairs and the future of TAVI 5 years from now

John Carroll

Interactive Sessions

Structural Jeopardy

Simran Singh and Matt Crystal

Interventional Olympics

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